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EKO GEA Company Background

EKO GEA Nejc Dordič s.p was formed in 2006 following several years of research by EKO GEA’s inventor and microbiologist, Goran Dordič.  He invented a complex, marine-algae-based additive (Biocomplex) which uniquely feeds and protects the microbial populations required in all biological processes – from crop & soil agriculture to waste elimination.  His son, Nejc, formed EKO GEA to commercialise this technology and began successfully employing it in a variety of industrial sectors –soil agriculture, hydroponics, MSW landfills, compost facilities, soil remediation, odour & dust control, wastewater treatment plants,  and biogas plants.  Due to Biocomplex’s efficacy in wastewater treatment and anaerobic digestion, a biological waste treatment plant (H₂E) was developed by EKO GEA in 2011.  In 2013, additional proprietary technology was added to mechanically pre-treat solids which allows for high-solids waste elimination via H₂EH₂E plants are now being successfully deployed around the world to eliminate both liquid and solid waste and produce high-quality biogas as renewable energy.


H₂E plants are installed throughout the Balkans and South Africa as both residential and industrial wastewater treatment plants, and full-scale pilot plants are operational in both Slovenia and the USA for biogas production from feedstocks such as dairy manure, food waste, sewage sludge and grease-trap waste.  A white paper describing the unprecedented results from H₂E as a biogas production plant is available upon request.