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Waste Solutions

Our waste treatment products work biologically to digest and reduce the volume of waste in any organic waste treatment application. Our customers include wastewater treatment plants, MSW and landfill operators, sludge treatment facilities, and composting companies. We also offer our biology expertise to commercial biofuel producers where our product provides unique and effective stabilisation of the fermentation process and increases end-product quality and quantity. Our products work both aerobically and anaerobically. Our product’s biological ion-exchange capabilities means EKO GEA actually eliminates nuisance odours like ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and mercaptans.



EKO GEA provides a full range of biological products to the crop, livestock, and the ancillary agricultural operations of bio-fuel production and agricultural waste management. We provide biological solutions for increasing crop & livestock yields, returning health to aquaculture ponds, restoring soil composition - as well as sanitation & odour management. Our products provide nutrition and health to agricultural organisms by providing complex nutritive compounds and activating microbiological functions.


Bio-fuels rely on fermentation efficiency where biology is the limiting factor. We are the biogas and bio-ethanol experts, and our product provides the key to stable and productive conversion of biomass into fuel. Our product feeds and protects conventional microbes in the most hostile of environments, no matter the feedstock, throughout the various fermentation stages – a cost-effective solution without fussy designer microbes or expensive/caustic enzymes. We also work on the cleaning side of the energy business – our product breaks down hydrocarbons in a full range of grease & oil cleaning applications.  When used in gas & emission scrubbers, it captures H2S, heavy metals, and particulates from stacks which can then be removed in a biological ion-exchange mechanism. Our product is also uniquely effective in separating abrasives and impurities from oil shale to save wear-and-tear on cracking equipment. Our biology breaks down hydrocarbons in any application.



From odour elimination to land reclamation, our biology works to rehabilitate water, land, and air. Our customers include mining companies, food processors, municipalities, fire-fighting agencies, farmers, and any industrial company wishing to minimize noxious gases and particulate emissions, reclaim land and rejuvenate polluted water – biologically. We also treat water cooling towers and eliminate nuisance bio-films and odours in any industry. Our biology restores water and land micro-climates to balance, clean, and feed soils, lakes, ponds and other eco-systems.