Our NewGen Range

Our NewGen line offers effective, low-cost cleaning solutions in a small footprint with rapid turn-around times.  Our plants utilise our proprietary marine algae additive along with our unique bio-media, providing the answer to thorough biological cleaning – feeding, protecting, and sheltering microbes.  NewGen allows for digestion processes to finish completely and microbes provide self-cleaning of the media and the entire NewGen plant.

Why is NewGen so efficient?  Because of the increased number and health of ‘workers’.  Microbes do the work!


  • Feeds microbes – unique oligosaccharides which are naturally-occurring in our algae additive
  • Protects microbes from toxins which affect biological performance – alginates + ion exchange (elimination of H2S, ammonia, heavy metals, other toxins)
  • Shelters microbes – porous and robust bio-media which provides 1 km² of surface area for every m³ of media, providing a huge increase the number of microbial “workers”



With superior and available nutrition, protection from toxins, and fixed shelter in the media, microbes perform longer and better.  We have yet to find another company in the world which approaches biological cleaning in this manner, and the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our NewGen systems illustrate the success of this approach.

NewGen systems available for;

Design:  NewGen Process Flow

Latest (November 2011) stainless steel model being loaded for Romanian caviar production factory


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